Tamales. Yum.

OK, this is half to test out the “press this” feature that may or may not have existed many months ago when I last updated this blog, but… this:

(Almost) Grandma’s Tamales | In Search of Bees.

… looks like something I’m going to have to try. The Husband is a huge fan of tamales, but I’ve never tried to make them from scratch. If I make them myself, at least that way, no matter how they turn out, at least I’ll KNOW there’s some pork in the things, right? A couple of months back he excitedly brought back a bag of very authentic-looking frozen tamales from the Mexican section of our awesome local international supermarket. I lovingly steamed a basket of them for dinner one night, then when I deemed them to be done, we carefully unpeeled the corn husks and bit into them, all excited and full of anticipation, and…

… it turned out our tamales were made entirely of corn and nothing else. Masa, whatever it’s called. Blech. I’m sure this is considered a staple and someone, somewhere would actively want to dine on sticks of steamed squished-up cornmeal, but… well, that someone aint me. Far less so the Husband, carnivore that he is.

So, long story short… I am going to try this recipe. I might even take photos and post it on here, in the spirit with which I created the stupid blog in the first place!

I just need to get hold of some corn husks first. Although I do believe I have a bag of filling-free tamales in the freezer still, which should be able to supply me with all the cornhusks and masa I could possibly need…


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