Boxes in Boxes

So, our laptop lunch sets arrived yesterday, and here they are!

I have been hopelessly bad when it comes to my cooking resolution, and have spent most of the time I should have been making food looking at pictures of it and reading recipes. D’oh. Still, we did make enchiladas, mexican rice and refried beans (and more guacamole) last week, and then lived on it for the next several days. So it’s not all bad. This weekend we’re going grocery shopping, and buying plenty of stuff for making breakfasts, lunches and dinners for the next week or so.

I’m hopelessly excited about the laptop lunch sets – can’t wait to start using them (well, except for the fact that starting using them involves going to work, which is of course sucky), and have been daydreaming about all the yummy things I want to cram them with. Even the Husband seems impressed by them!

More later.


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