First Post

Hello, 2010.

I’m not usually much of a maker of New Year’s resolutions. But this year I have one (actually, I have several, semi-formulated though they may be) – I’m going to cook. I love cooking. I don’t claim to be especially good at it, but I’m enthusiastic. I enjoy it, lots. Lately, though, I seem to have been doing it less and less, and being less adventurous when I do cook. I tend to stick to my “old reliables”, the usual – for me – lineup of pasta, Indian, Thai, pasta, Indian, Thai. Even the pasta (note how I don’t even attempt to call my efforts “Italian”?), the Indian and the Thai doesn’t involve much in the way of variety; I mean, those three “genres” could encompass thousands of different dishes, right? Wrong. Not when I’m cooking them, lately, at least. I have become a creature of habit!

My unfailingly lovely husband maintains that I am “the best cook in the world” – bless him. I am very far from it, but like I said, I’m enthusiastic about it. I enjoy cooking. Really enjoy cooking. So my New Year’s resolution is going to be to do more of this thing that I really do love (see, it’s a good resolution – not forcing myself to do something I hate!), and to be a bit more daring about it. Try new things. Pick out some recipes that I like the look of each week, and see what happens.

Ah yes, recipes: I should mention that I am not always all that good with recipes. I have a tendency to rebel against the things. I’m an adherent to the “make it up as you go along, ad lib and substitute to your heart’s content” school of cooking. Which could explain why me and baking just do not get on, and why Nigel Slater’s Appetite is my favourite cookbook of all time. So when it comes to recipes, I am most likely going to be “customising” the ones I pick, but I do need to resist the urge to “customise” them to the extent that I miss out on trying or learning anything new. I think I’m going to lay down some ground rules for myself (not yet – I have to finish this post as we are going out for a drink!), to prevent myself from slipping right into what I’m comfortable with. What did I say about being a creature of habit?

Going to shut up, now. We have a date with some tequila shots up the street. More, later.


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